Information for Arabidopsis


The standard media for Arabidopsis researchers is
Sunshine's Redi-Earth Professional Growing Mix.

We incorporate Marathon 1%G [pdf], a granular pesticide, to all media requests as a preventative.

Researchers may also elect incorporation of Osmocote 14-14-14 [pdf], a time release fertilizer, at a rate of 2 TBL per flat.

Arabidopsis Growing Protocols

Researchers working with Arabidopsis will need to review the Arabidopsis Growing Protocols [pdf] for this facility. All researchers will follow these strict guidelines to ensure we maintain a pest and disease-free facility.

Space & Materials Request Guidelines

  • Reservations must be made via Trellis on Mondays for pickup the same week.
  • Media must be picked up promptly per the request date indicated.
  • Please be accurate in requesting quantity as excess media will not be held over more than one week.
  • Please return empty media bins by 12PM on Fridays so request for the coming week can be fulfilled.
  • Chemical resistant gloves must be worn during handling. If you borrow gloves, please return them promptly, clean and dry.
  • All requestors and handlers must have completed WPS training.
  • Researchers are charged a cost-recovery fee of $10.59/flat requested.There are no additional charges for space in the greenhouse or in the growth chambers.

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