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Titan Arum "Woody"

April 23, 2011

Titan Arum Woody beginning to open

April 23, 2011

Just after 4pm we noticed the fringe on the top of the spathe began to pull away from the spadix.

Titan Arum Woody opening

By 5 pm the spathe skirt had opened a few inches. Just a faint smell at this point. We measured the temperature of the plant at the peduncle (stem base), at the spathe (skirt) and at the spadix (spike). There was only a 1-2 degree difference. Right around 20C.

Titan Arum Woody opening

By 7pm the spathe was really filling out. The odor was definitely building but not yet overwhelming. We began to see a significant temperature differential. The peduncle and outside of the spathe were around 21C and the spadix was 25C near the tip.

Titan Arum Woody open

Woody was almost completely open by 9pm. The smell was intense. We could detect it down the hall and into the building--about 125 feet away! The spathe was already 33" across--it was 44" the next morning! We took the last temperature measurement close to 11pm and the differential was amazing. The peduncle and outer spathe were 22C and the tip of the spadix was 35C=95F. You could feel the heat radiating from the plant. The heat helps the odor to carry far distances.

Titan Arum Woody fly on spathe

April 23, 2011

65.75" height

40.5" circumference

Hmm...maybe this fly knows something we don't. We are revising our bloom ETA to within the next few days. We are monitoring it closely--just as this fly is.

The Greenhouse is Closed Today.

UPDATE: Woody began to open just after 4pm

Titan Arum Woody close up of spathe

April 22, 2011

65.25" height

40" circumference

Here is a nice close-up of the spathe at the overlap. The maroon color is filling in some. We will start to see more of this coloring and the pleats expanding as we approach bloom.

We are open for visitors today from 8:30a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Titan Arum Woody almost in bloom

April 21, 2011

64" height

39" circumference

Almost 2" since yesterday, so we still have some nice growth. We are noticing more of the maroon coloring coming in on the spathe (the frilly outer skirt) and the pleats of the spathe are becoming deeper. The peduncle (the stem part below the flower has elongated as well.

Today's Question: Does it smell yet? Nope, not yet. It will begin to smell slightly the day before opening and be at it's most odiferous the first evening of bloom.

We will be open for visitors today from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Titan Arum Woody falling cataphyll

April 20, 2011

62.25" height

38" circumference

The last cataphyll is falling away and now we can see the overlap of the spathe. Woody is slowing down a bit in growth but we've had little sunshine here. Our #1 question: When will it open? We don't exactly know but we are looking for the following signs: 2-3 days of slower growth and a secretion from the spathe at the overlap.

We will be open for visitors today from 12:30-4:30 p.m.

Titan Arum Woody in bud

April 19, 2011

60.5" height

37.5" circumference

Only one cataphyll (outer protective leaf) remains. As you can see in the image, the cataphyll on the back side has fallen and begun to wither. Woody gained another 3.5" since yesterday taking him over 5 feet today. We got a glimpse inside the ruffled edge of the spathe (skirt-like petal) and see the blush of maroon coming on inside.

Not open for visitors today due to scheduled classes and events.

Titan Arum Woody growing bud

April 18, 2011

57" height

36.5" circumference

Another 3.5" of growth today and the spadix is coloring up nicely. Can see the peduncle (the "stem" part at the base of the bloom) getting longer as well. No change in the circumference probably due to the withering of the cataphylls (outer protective leaves. These will wither and die back by the time the bloom opens.

Visitation Hours for today: 1:30-4:30 p.m.

Titan Arum Woody bud splits

April 17, 2011

53.5" height

36.5" circumference

Four more inches today--must have been all those clouds yesterday keeping the sun away that slowed Woody down a bit. Still, 4 inches in one day is respectable! Can see hints burgundy coloring up the inside tips of the spathe (the outer skirt like petal) and the spadix (tall central spike) has a bit more purplish hue than yesterday.

Titan Arum Woody bud

April 16, 2011

49.5" height

34.25" circumference

Wow! 5.5 inches since yesterday--that is some quick growing! I've never seen anything quite like this. Woody has grown outside the webcam window (we will adjust that on Monday). The spadix has elongated and I see hints of purpling.

April 15, 2011

44" height

31.5" circumference

Well, now our webcam visitors can finally get a good look at the bloom emerging. Free of the outer protective leaves, called cataphylls, Woody put on 4.25" in the past 24 hours. We are expecting a bloom in the 6-8' range.

Titan Arum Woody flower revealed

April 14, 2011

39.75" height

29.5" circumference

The outer protective leaves are being pulled open by the plump center. Woody put on almost 4" in girth since yesterday. Still being a bit camera shy for the webcam but soon viewers should be able to see the spathe (the frilly outer skirt) and spadix (the tall central spike) emerge out.

April 13, 2011

38" height

25.75" circumference

Finally our suspicions are confirmed! The protective sheaths have given way for a peek inside to reveal the spadix and the frilled edges of the spathe. We have named our plant "Woody" for the legedary OSU football coach Woody Hayes--himself a rare breed! Woody seems to be camera shy as the split is on the back side away from the webcam.

April 12, 2011

37.5" height

24" circumference

The bud has not grown much in height--only 1.75" today but boy has it put on some inches around the middle-we measured the girth at 24". We tried to peek inside the protective sheaths but no luck as they are still too tight to easily pull away for a glimpse inside. They have made stress splits from the rapid growth. We will just have to be patient to confirm the bloom.

When we repotted it in September 2010. The tuber weighed 47 pounds and measured 16.5 " across and 51" in circumference.

April 7, 2011

26.25" height

A couple days ago we started to suspect the bud on the Titan Arum was going to be a flower. We are amazed at how fast it is growing--about 2" each day. Still to early to tell if it will be a flower but we have our fingers crossed.