Researcher, inside the greenhouse, conducting Switchgrass research

The Biological Sciences Greenhouse Facility supports undergraduate, graduate and faculty research in the areas of population ecology, systematics and evolutionary biology, genetics and biotechnology, physiology and toxicology, medical entomology, molecular biology, integrated pest management and biological control.

Research Space

The facility offers a variety of plant growth spaces to meet the needs of our researchers. The facility has individually computer controlled greenhouse rooms in three sizes: large 24' X 40', medium 24' X 20', and small 10' X 12'.  Researchers may request remote access to monitor greenhouse conditions through the environmental control system.

Research Room Features

  • Medium and large rooms have rolling aisle benching if desired.
    Small rooms have fixed aisle benches if desired.
  • Hot and cold domestic water and pre-proportioned fertilizer water.
  • Height adjustable HID lighting, minimum 400w metal halides.
  • Hot water perimeter heat.
  • Evaporative cooling.
  • Shade cloth if desired.
  • Medium and large rooms have horizontal air flow fans.
  • Programmable environmental controls which collect environmental data.
  • Sensor with screen readout of current temperature, humidity and PAR light level.

There are five growth chambers located in the headhouse for use by genetics researchers. There is one growth chamber and a drying oven in the headhouse belonging EEOB.

Researcher studying Squash plant

Requesting Research Space

Investigators planning a project in the greenhouse should contact facility staff for a consultation 2-3 months prior to the project start date. Prior to the project start, researchers will need to submit a reservation in the Trellis system.

Trellis is an online application which allows facility users to:

  • Reserve Space and Track Projects
  • Request Materials and Services
  • Check Pests and Control Applications
  • View Growth Space Notices, Configurations and Schedules
  • Share Project Information with Lab Members

All users must have completed the WPS training course as required by the US EPA. Click on the WPS link for training information.

New Users

Investigators new to the facility and current researchers with new staff or students should schedule an appointment with facility staff for a brief tour and introduction to the facility and its amenities.  Those working with Arabidopsis should read the online Arabidopsis Growing Protocols [pdf] for instructions.

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